About Me

Ansley Stewart is a Soul Americana artist based in Atlanta, GA. She embraces her southern roots by bringing storytelling to her sound, creating music that is heartfelt and nostalgic. She has become a fixture in the local music scene over the past 7 years and is currently working on her second studio album to be released summer of 2022. Her songwriting debut came quickly after she launched a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, completing her 6-song EP, “Light,” released in March of 2017.


In addition to her solo career, she a sought-after session vocalist, and has opened for soul queens Gladys Knight and Mavis Staples. Stewart says Atlanta has given her the most supportive and generous musical family. “I’ve always wanted to be around creative people—in the tree house, as I say—and that’s what Atlanta is. I didn’t even have to knock on the door. It was just open, and everyone inside was like, ‘Yo girl, c’mon in! We got donuts!’”